Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Review of Natural Kinks DC

Natural Kinks Hair & Braiding‎
406 8th Street SE, Washington, DC‎
(202) 543-2722‎

I am pretty cautious about going to salons, unless I am simply getting extensions put in....however, I decided to brave it and go to "Natural Kinks." I did not have an appointment, but decided to see if I could be seen. Luckily for me someone has just canceled an appointment so they fit me in. (It is best to make an appointment because I was asked to come back after an hour when a woman with an appointment came in, which I thought was fair).

The atmosphere was very peaceful, it was not overcrowded and they played relaxing R&B and was very clean and nicely decorated. While waiting to get back in the chair I saw many other beautiful twist, loc and braid styles completed and I was pretty confident I would be satisfied with the style I received.

My shampoo and deep conditioning was amazing. They used all natural hair products, which I could feel opening up my scalp. My hair felt great and then my stylist sat and talked to me about what I was looking for from this appointment. Shocking! I know, a stylist who truly cares about your hair and your opinions concerning it. She asked me all the prerequisite natural hair woman questions: how long have you been natural, what products do you use, what styles do you typically wear your hair in?, etc.

She gave me some informative tips and product suggestions, which I was open to and then styled my hair into a flat twist/twist half updo.

I will say I was really happy with my experience, but after walking out I was not quite so pleased with how light my wallet felt. Great place that I would love to support...but way too expensive. For a style that really only looked great for 1 week and then looked acceptable for another week I felt slightly cheated.


NaturalBeauty007 said...

Great info! Based on your review and the way your hair looked, I have made an appointment for tomorrow. How expensive was it? They wouldn't give me a price over the phone, which makes me kinda nervous.


Brickhouse said...

Well prices vary depending on the length and (i'm assuming thickness) of your hair. My hair isn't extremely long, but it is extremely thick. That hairstyle + wash, deep conditioning was about $80 + tip. They are very professional and I definitely think you will enjoy your experience. Let me know how it goes!

NaturalBeauty007 said...

Oh, ok. That's pretty reasonable. Thank you so much for the info! :-) I'll let you know how my experience was.