Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cam'rons Ignant Ass Keepin Us Back...

Long time no post....I know, I know, but nothin was happenin in tha Black community...

...um sike.

Peep Cam'ron keepin it ignant as usual....

...gotta put a stop to this ish...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Strike Against Black Men..DAMN!

I really don't even know what to say man...for those of y'all who read Essence's Sep 2K6 issue (with Beyonce on the cover lookin straight up white) and were outraged with the article on Black men's Brazilian sex vacations be prepared to be further disgusted...

Details magazine published a story detailing the budding sex labor industry with Black men performing in orgies hosted by whites to fulfill fantasies of being "thugged" by Black men in the bedroom. It's bad enough to relapse to (or retain?) the same sexual fetishization of Blacks as the days of slavery. Worst part? One of the Black men even goes so far as to say that this relationship formed through the sex parties they throw work to improve Black/white relations...and apparently this is a growing trend in the nation. Wow, the next damn worse thing than a DL brotha.

Oh Lord. Read On?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Just Call Him an Uncle Tom Already Since That's What You Mean

Clearly white people are going a little too crazy about Obama...and you woulda thought it would be the Black folks huh? They have made up their own lil nickname for Obama "the magical Negro"...which is being used by both the "left" and the "right"....do I actually have to differentiate? They're the same really...Anyway I feel crazy with all this drama surrounding Obama. Can we just let the man run?? No More Drama!!!

Read On If You're Not TOO Sick Of The B.S.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Throwback

This video is hilarious for numerous reasons:
1- The dancing. This is definitely no Ciara video
2- Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

They Sued Because They Got a Black Baby...


After a couple realized a mistake made by a fertility clinic resulting in the birth of a Black child they made the decision to sue. Wow?

In all honesty though I feel for lil Jessica...this entire debacle combined with having white parents will definitely take it's toll on her. A damn shame.

Not Everyone Believes in the Dynasty...

University of Florida denies Jeb Bush an honorary degree.


This actually means very little to me, but I figured that it was funny enough to post whether or not he was denied a degree solely based on politics or other reasons.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is Slavery Relevant Today??

Is it just me or does it seem crazy that people still feel the need to debate the "effect of slavery"? Looking at society (not just American society, but an international one...if it exists?) and the hierarchy of races/nations isn't it obvious that slavery has had a profound effect on not just "the Black experience" but also in determining global stature and citizenship?

I mean...It seems obvious to me...but clearly people still feel the need to debate.
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Africa for Africans!!

Angola has called off talks with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) on the grounds that they don't need IMF to support their economy (read: control their country). Another deal with the devil narrowly escaped (see: Jamaica). Stay strong Angola!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sneakerhead Alert!!!

I probably will buy this actual DVD...which says a lot cuz I'm a bootleg queen....I mean fiend?

Jordanheads feel free to act like hypebeasts....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Georgia Would NOT Like to Apologize

Instead of following in Virginia's footsteps (which really is meaningless, purely symbolic) Georgia's senate panel has instead approved "Confederate Month". I guess this means that would be the month to disparage Blacks and deny them their constitutional rights. Now what month is that again? Jan-ember?

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Black Men= Good Fathers?

For a long time Black men have been given a bad rap for their parenting skills or lack thereof...Tyler Perry seeks to dispel these stereotypes with "Daddy's Little Girls"...

If this can change the mentality of men's role in parenting then I'll call it a success. In attacking the problem of fathering in the Black community it instead highlights it as existing solely in the Black community rather than placing it into the larger national (and arguably international) context of men and fathering.

...it's not a "Black thing".

Sunday Throwback

Lookin at K-Ci's foolishness a few days ago I was transported back to the days when I might have bought all that mess....Classic.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Definition of "Tar Baby"....does not describe a sticky situation. Nice try though.

Friday, March 16, 2007

It Doesn't Mean I Would Endorse Hil...

...But I am hyped about Liberia (And Africa's) first woman Prime Minister Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf being recognized for her humanitarian efforts.

Yea Black women!

*Are you lovin this pic as much as I am??

3 outta 5 Could Be a Good Look

I mean I expected none of them to be indicted...this is a positive right?

Al thinks so I guess....

Or maybe they just wanna prevent more of this...

Or this...

No Justice No Peace!!

Who Cares About Disenfranchisement....

Benzino for Boston city mayor?? Well....now yet another reason why Boston is an inferior city.

Naw forreal y'all....he cares about the chillun

C'mon an Oscar Doesn't Mean THAT Much...

...Or clearly it does cuz MTV gave these fools a TV show that's premiering in April...the name of it? "Adventures in Hollyhood"...

Yeah...the trailer is actually much worse...

Black Pride by Tego Calderon

Unity Y'all.....We could benefit from some good ole Black/Brown love

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

What Is Black Culture Tyra?

6:25-6:18 Tyra breaks down Black culture for all of y'all who thought it was mad complex...

Good Darkie

Thinkin of Samuel L's new shameful Black film it's only fair to think of other equally shameful movies with magical negros...

Check the list...

The Congressional Black Caucus & Fox News

You really want the Congressional Black Caucus to partner with Fox News for 2008's Presidential Debates? Cheers to empowering Blacks....I know, I know...the revolution will not be televised...

Better Sign the Petition...

Now We're Official...

First Black Disney Princess. Is it just me or does it look like they added some booty to her ball gown?

Full story?

I guess it's official now. Black Princesses do exist. Good lookin out Disney.

True Blue Spiz'ikes

So after being unable to get my hands on the first release i settled (plus for some reason I was drawn to the colors......) for the 2nd Midwest release of the Spiz'ikes.

BUT!! Upon seeing the 3rd release (I believe they're limited West Coast releases...) I am a bit sad I didn't wait.

Check 'em out...

D. Wade Sidekick

White & Gold....plus Dwyane Wade. I'd dump my Blackberry for this. Very nice.

Ike Apologizes to Tina...

Were you waitin on Nick Cannon to pop up and announce the newest addition to Wild'N Out too?

Whitney's apology on the way.