Friday, August 6, 2010

"If Someone Shows You Who They Are--Believe Them" ~Maya Angelou

Last night my niece sent me a facebook message with the following message: "For an assignment I am suppose to have family or friends look at a list of values and choose 10 in order of importance to your life."

Altruism Amusement Appreciation Attractiveness Beauty Camaraderie Candor Capability Composure Conformity Creativity Dignity Education Fairness Faith Fame Family Freedom Friendliness Fun Giving Grace Growth Happiness Harmony Health Helpfulness Humor Imagination Impartiality Independence Integrity Intelligence Intuitiveness Inventiveness Joy Justice Kindness Knowledge Leadership Learning Liberation Liberty Longevity Love Loyalty Maturity Meekness Modesty Neatness Optimism Order Peace Perfection Philanthropy Playfulness Pleasantness Pleasure Poise Purity Realism Reason Reflection Relaxation Reliability Resilience Resolve Reverence Selflessness Self-reliance Serenity Service Sharing Simplicity Sincerity Solitude Spontaneity Stability Strength Success Sympathy Temperance Thoughtfulness Thrift Tidiness Timeliness Traditionalism Tranquility Trustworthiness Truth Understanding Unity Usefulness Virtue Wealth Winning Wisdom Wittiness Wonder Youthfulness

As a night owl I got the pleasure of responding first. I listed them in order, but gave more thought to the picks than the order really:

1) Love
2) Family
3) Integrity
4) Giving
5) Strength
6) Sincerity
7) Resilience
8) Loyalty
9) Understanding
10) Modesty

*Afterthought: I probably after further thought would replace "Understanding" with "Kindness"

Sister A:
1) Love
2) Liberty
3) Wisdom
4) Integrity
5) Service
6) Resilience
7) Reverence
8) Joy
9) Imagination
10) Humor

Lil Brother:
1) Freedom
2) Growth
3) Kindness
4) Loyalty
5) Wisdom
6) Sincerity
7) Resolve
8) Creativity
9) Harmony
10) Grace
HM: Solitude

*Cheater you can't make an honorable mention. It said 10!

I did not do it in order: Altruism, Education, Family, Freedom Health, Imagination, Integrity Maturity, Wisdom, Peace

Sister K:
1) Optimism
2) Family
3) Love
4) Joy
5) Peace
6) Simplicity
7) Strength
8) Kindness
9) Pleasure
10) Solitude

1) Family
2) Love
3) Loyalty
4) Freedom
5) Solitude
6) Integrity
7) Reverence
8) Peace
9) Wisdom
10) Imagination

Niece's Godmother:
1) Love
2) Loyalty
3) Liberty
4) Altruism
5) Freedom
6) Justice
7) Order
8) Self-reliance
9) Reliability
10) Resilience

It was really interesting for me to look at the different responses my family had. I could blog for days about how each of their choices reflect some aspect they embody in their lives. For example my mother, brother and sister all included solitude as a top 10 value. I could die from non-surprise. Anyone who has interacted with any of these 3 people would be able to tell you that while they are social people they yearn for me time and often prefer solitude. I wonder what my list says about me? Anyway, just interesting...what 10 would you choose? What does that say about you?


Vero said...

Puerto Rican Sister V:
(listed in size order)

Even though all of the values from the original list are important, I found myself easily making decisions on which to remove and which to include on my list.

I expected to have a tough time trying to list only 10 out of so many choices. However, it came very naturally and I think it was because the values I chose outline the key parts I try to work on while on my journey to becoming a better Me.

Just like the reason you "could die from non-surprise" about "solitude" being chosen by your mom, bro and sis; they embody that trait and have honed it to help them become who they want to be.

I really like this Ms. Brickhouse (hehe) and I think it's a good way for someone to tell you about what they honor most in life.


Michell said...


I actually had a list of about 22 words when I went through and picked the ones that I felt embodied me but after narrowing it down, I felt these work the best. To me, truth is everything because if you can't be true to yourself and others that you care about, then what do you have?..I guess after thinking about it, a lot of mine center around loyalty and commitment to those I care about. I would do anything for those I love and i expect the same in return. Good activity..harder than I expected though.

Anonymous said...

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