Thursday, January 22, 2009

Security!! Security?

So, after coming home from an unsurprisingly unpleasant day at school, following our 4 day weekend and upcoming friday half-day, i was talking to my girl V about my day. And as I was venting to her I realized...where had security been?

I have recently moved from an open space center [hard to explain, but essentially the school has no walls in between different classes and the dividers between classrooms and hallways are bookshelves and rolling lockers] to the room that had once been set up as the school's computer lab. (at the principal's demand the 2nd grade teacher and i had been moved to the 3rd floor to "control the noise level on the first floor," as well as enter her immediate warpath) ugh.

Ahah So thats where the "computer lab" is! The room consists of 4 rows of glasstop desks with old Compaq computer screens below and pull out keyboards. So there are 20 seats around these "desks" and then I have 7 other students who are randomly placed around the small classroom (less than half the size of our previous center).

Well, since moving upstairs I have come to realize that less and less would I get security into my room when I called on the intercom. Sometimes I would get one, sometimes I would get the school secretary. And now that think back the last few weeks there has been no response. I call on the intercom and they assure me, "someone will be there." and i have to move on knowing that's the most i can do and some points and the kids know that.

Well that's just ridiculous, why wouldn't security come you say? Incidentally, I was talking to the 7&8 special education teacher and she was recalling a story from years back of a teacher who no longer worked at the school. She had told me that at one point things had gotten so hostile between this teacher and the administration, primarily my principal, that she had told security to no longer respond to his calls.

While my kids are bad it is true that most of my students are not being thrown out for any sort of excessive violence or any threat i feel, but because of general bad, rude, disrespectful and disturbing behavior. However, it's not as if threats of violence would be unforeseeable, as I am almost positive that fights occur between some of my students daily.

I can't knowingly say that my principal told security not to come to my class, but apparently it is not outside of her character to do so. And as far as I see it's not really within my power to do much without any proof or power within this stupid system.

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