Friday, January 9, 2009

Here We Go Again....

So here I am beginning 2009 with a renewed promise to myself that I am going to post more often and more thoroughly. So here goes----

Welcome to my life as a 5th grade teacher. First week back to school was probably just as miserable as I had imagined it would be. A full 2 weeks away from school definitely spoiled me...and here comes Monday morning. I had an impending sense of doom all break, but as soon as I hear my alarm Monday morning I know this week can only be worse than I had predicted.



Have y'all ever seen that Dr. Miracle ad with ole girl pulling at her hair? That picture can pretty much sum up to you the level of frustration that I have been having this week.

After...count it 3.
THREE WEEKS of trying to drill in the relationship between multiplication and division with absolutely no Christmas season co-operation from my lil angels I told them Monday morning that we would be having our unit test on division on Friday. I gave them a practice test on Monday and Wednesday and we played division related games on Tuesday and Thursday.

Welcome to Friday where I pass out the math test (which is *SURPRISE* mostly composed of EXACTLY the same questions from Monday and Wednesday's practice tests which we went over...well to be fair it was more of an attempt to go over the test).


"Can I take this home and get my mother to help me?"

"We haven't learned division."

"How many years have you been teaching? This is gonna be your last year because you're not doing your job."

~select quotes from unhappy 5th graders concerning division, which has been taught to them since...get this....THIRD GRADE.

~happy friday. im leaving to start forgetting about this week and preparing for the next one....

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